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"Your authentic and trusted Advisor"

  Serving Colorado Springs & San Diego for over 23 years.




While attending college in San Diego, Roberta worked full-time for 3 years in the field of International Business as an owner of Copacabana International Travel Boutique where she built business relationships and honed in on her innate problem-solving skills.


In 2000, just a year after Roberta graduated from college with a degree in Business Management she started working in Real Estate. Roberta O'Banion has been working in the real estate industry for nearly 23 years. Many of those years were spent buying and selling residential property where she gained a tremendous amount of experience listing, managing, and selling properties for first-time home buyers, sellers, and investors. Her time in the industry has allowed her to see many different market cycles and has provided her with the knowledge and tools to adapt to various real estate market conditions and educate her clients along the way.


In addition to being a Licensed Agent, Roberta is a wife, Mother of one beautiful son, and a dedicated and focused Associate who excels at prioritizing, completing multiple tasks simultaneously, and following through to achieve project goals. She is also a very adaptable and hardworking professional with a strong drive to succeed for herself and her clients.

Roberta lives and works by her Mission Statement; "Provide each and every client, past and present, with an extraordinary experience, undivided loyalty, diligent, faithful service and to ensure the job ALWAYS gets done".



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