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Why more Americans than ever are emigrating ?

The United States is famously known as a nation of immigrants. Tens of millions of people from around the world have come seeking the American dream. Millions more wish they could do the same. But what about the people that want to leave America?

As of 2023, almost five million people born in the US were living in different countries. American emigrants go everywhere—Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Singapore… no other country has sent as many emigrants to as many places.

Why do people want to leave America?

If you’re one of the many Americans eager to leave—or you’ve already done so—this might seem obvious. But if not, you might be wondering why exactly people want to leave a country that so many people are desperate to enter.

If you guessed it was to escape certain aspects of America, you’d generally be right. The cost of living and the political climate were two of the most popular reasons given for wanting to leave.

Wanting to live in a nation with better social programs, like better healthcare, was also a popular reason. A majority of Americans also agreed that violence plays a major role in their desire to emigrate.

However, the main reason for wanting to move abroad was a desire to have new cultural experiences. The United States might be one of the biggest countries in the world, but there is nothing like living abroad to truly experience a completely different culture. Almost one-fifth of Americans listed a desire to experience this as the main reason they’d consider moving abroad.

Japan was the third most popular choice, while Singapore was fifth. Australia, Brazil, and Italy were other popular choices. Those countries have some of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn—ones that’ll take a little more than a few months of with English teachers online to master.

However, whether it’s cultural products famous around the world, great weather and stunning scenery, or the chance to immerse yourself in a completely different culture, there’s no shortage of reasons to try living beyond the Western world.

A short trip or a lifetime stay?

Choosing your forever home is no simple decision. Nevertheless, more than a third of the Americans said they planned on living abroad indefinitely. Two-thirds said they would start a family abroad. And a whopping 87% said their desire to live abroad was either staying the same or increasing.

All that despite the vast majority of Americans not knowing anyone personally who has emigrated from the U.S. in the last five years!

Not ready to leave America? Or just need a new Home ? Give me a call. I can share some of my pieces of advice about moving to another country.

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